Developing software products since 2001


Innovation is at the heart of Momenta & it reflects in all its creative solutions.

Our customers have been our best teachers who have trusted us to evolve solutions since 2001. (earlier Innovia Software)

We value the trust of our customers & are committed to ensure that their intended purpose of buying our services is delivered.


Make our customers bigger, better & sustainable using technology & passion

Our mission

With technology changing at a rapid pace, products may come and products may go.

Our focus is to discover new offerring that will help our customers scale up efficiently.

Our products not only aim to give our customers a decisive edge but also make them sustainable in this age of uncertainty.


Experience joy through work

Our essence

We have the culture to dive deep into whatever we do.

We believe that there is emmense joy in working when we get into the FLOW.

Our training sessions not only cover technical & organisational skills but also this special skill of being able to enjoy work.

Our products thus get built with compassion and no wonder, are loved by our customers


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Our designs

There is a sense of joy when the design fits the requirements perfectly. If that joy is not experienced, it is a compromised design.

When a customer explains their requirements, many times it seems difficult. Many design patterns start popping in the minds.

The art is to choose the right pattern and work on it until everything falls in it's place


Self motivated artists who take pride in their work

Our team

We believe that law is required only when love is lost. Our team is groomed to work with love.

Team members are self-motivated artists who take pride in their work.

Momenta was founded by Mr. Rahul Chavan, a mechnical engineer who after a brief stint at an auto major, started this company in 2001.

Second in command is Mr. Rajanikant Sawant a passionate techie who guides the team to wonderful creations.


Conserve resources & make world a better place

Our vision

We believe that we have a responsibility towards Mother Earth

We aim to reduce all kinds of wastages through our products. This not only improves margins for our customers but also reduces the Carbon Footprint.

Reduce paper usage, rejections, reworks, sales returns, phone calls, messages ... the list goes on.

All these contribute to lesser carbon footprint and better utilisation of natural resources.


Oursys ERP for engineering manufacturing companies

Our product

Oursys ERP is the flagship product of Momenta.

It is a matured anytime - anywhere ERP for manufacturing & trading companies.

Oursys competes with the best in the world with its comprehensive and high end engineering features.

It is a scalable ERP & can be configured in different ways for different industries

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